A1 inequalities is society CC: question A

If i would have been born as a visual minority, I would have lost a few experiences and opportunities. Most minorities are poor, and being born into a good family, I always have food on the table. Being born int a poor family means you always have to be hoping that there is going to be food to eat for every meal in the day. I think a program like affirmative action would work, but i think people shouldn’t be able to take advantage of it. Affirmative action is good, but there are a few problems with it like, your co-workers might not like you and discriminate you, customers might not want you to serve them, or you might not get fair pay. I am a lot more well off than most minorities because i was born into a non-minority family so I have been able to experience more things and have gained more opportunities.

AR B6 goal setting and growth

a. For my goal i want to study past assignments for the ELA exit interview to better understand the questions i chose. This goal will help me by understanding better so my answers are more thoughtful and effort gets put into them.

b. I think over the past five months I have grown stronger in the things that we have done. Maybe i could have worked harder for a better/stronger understanding of the topics we studied, but i believe i have grown at least a little bit in the pas five months.

Response to start of novel divergent

The way the setting is described it makes me think of a city that has new parts and old parts.

It seems like the main character is afraid that she won’t be chosen and will be factionless.

The style of righting is about the same as the style I am used to.

Section A 1 I am Sam

A is for the arrogant lawyer fighting against Sam
B is for the best job Sam could do
C is for the crazy things they went through
D is for the danger of losing Lucy
E is for the everyday struggle to get Lucy back
F is for the fun that Lucy and Sam had together
G is for the gone of Lucy when was token away
H is for the happiness when Lucy was back
I is for the itching to get Lucy back
J is for the job that Sam got when he stopped going to his other one
K is for the kindness that Sam showed
L is for the love that Sam gave
M is for the morning when Lucy went to school
N is for the never ending hardships that they went through
O is for the openness of Sam to his daughter
P is for the people Rita helped
Q is for the queen that Lucy should be
R is for the running that Lucy did when she got taken away
S is for the strength that Angie showed when she came out
T is for the trouble they got it when the went on the bus
U is for the unbearable sadness
V is for the very great father Sam was
W is for the waiter that Sam was being
X is for the xenodochial behaviour of Sam when he is working
Y is for the yelling that Sam did when Lucy got taken away
Z is for the zoning out that Sam did in the court room

Welcome to blogging, Owen!

Hey there!

You might be surprised to learn you have a blog. And you’ll soon have some of your work on it already. That’s how simple it is to blog! Excited like these two?

You’re starting with me in Grade 9, so over the next four years as you continue to add work and examples of your writing / speaking to this blog, you’ll have quite a collection to reflect back on at the end of Grade 12. That’s how you’ll recognize how much you’ve grown in your communication abilities, by comparing the early work to what you’re capable of before graduation.

I hope you embrace this blogging task and experiment with developing a writer’s voice for yourself and enjoy the feedback you can give and receive from your peers. Who knows where this will take us, right?


Ms. Waldner